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EmiMike Zine BOOK ONLY

EmiMike Zine BOOK ONLY

Yuri!!! on Ice / YOI
Emil and Michele fan zine / fan book

EmiMike Zine is a book centered on Michele Crispino and Emil Nekola with two themes/alternate universes: Criminal AU and Fairy tale AU.

Michele Side: Tu mi rendi migliore / You bring out the good in me
Michele is part of the criminal underworld and Emil is somehow always with him.

Emil Side: Snesl bych ti modré z nebe / I would take the blue of the sky for you
Emil is the prince of a kingdom, and Michele caught his eye.

This listing contains the BASIC BUNDLE.
— A copy of the zine
— novelty illustration card, A5

— A5 size, 96 pages
— Full color, saddle stitched (staple wire)
— Over 15 illustrations, 3 short comics, and 6 short stories

Collaboration of 21 artists!
— dettsu

— Hana-tox
— carloadrian
— toushiyo
— Nihui
— Shan101pi
— ScottWM

— Juli
— Helia
— MeltDownerKnight17

— Shino
— Virtualysis
— bracari iris
— Lilienwolf
— EmiMikeTrash
— Camellia
— Iwiwiwi
— Kirouji
— Lù
— TheIzzyPeasy
— SpicyTunaa (merch)
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