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Egregio: The SVC Butler Photobook

Egregio: The SVC Butler Photobook


Yuri!!! on Ice / YOI
Cosplay Fan Book

Egregio: The SVC Photobook is a compilation of photos that feature our butlers in their uniform, casual attire, and more.

The book is set in different locations showcasing various facets of their character as well as their relationships with their fellow figure skaters! You might just find your favorite pairing here!

- A5 sized booklet
- 80 pages, perfect bound
- Complete roster of 15 Yuri!!! on Ice characters
- laminated cover

All photobooks will have a set of ONE (1) RANDOM photo cards and ONE (1) POSTCARD featuring the butlers.



The Stammi Vicino Caffè is a fan-organized butler cafe of the hit anime, Yuri!!! On Ice, organized and brought to you by The SVC PH. It was held in VentureSpace PH on the 26th of November, 2017.

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Aruki as Christophe Giacometti
Kou Akisawa as Jean-Jacques Leroy
Dexter De Leon as Leo De La Iglesia
Lucas Anthony as Guang Hong Ji
Ejay Toushi as Phichit Chulanont
Maruki Fumimoto as Seung Gil Lee
Haruto Nanase as Kenjirou Minami
Kurapika Havee as Georgi Popovich
Envy Smith as Emil Nekola
Neroximus as Michele Crispino
Tsuublock as Otabek Altin
Marlon Brando Bermejo as Yuri Plisetsky
Sei as Vitya
Shifu Gicanaru as Viktor Nikiforov
Duragon JJ as Yuuri Katsuki


Directing/Editing, Dettsu
Photographs/Styling, Jazzy Tomodachi
Photographs, Waffletop
Story boarding, Rosso Mimi
Maggiordomo, Ejay Toushi
Production Coordinator, Lyrerook
50 USD